Your Specialist in Machines, Tools, Personal Protective Equipment and Warehouse Fittings

Technical Agency Magema B.V. has been a private Dutch family business since it was established in 1982. Magema B.V. supplies machines, tools, personal protective equipment and warehouse fittings to Dutch small and large-scale industries, (semi-) government, and the shipping, offshore and construction industry.

Offering a product range that includes all well-known A-brands and contains over 30,000 stock products, Magema has been a permanent contract partner for many bulk consumers (key accounts) in the Netherlands for many years.

The strength of this family business lies in its flexibility and independence. This is of particular value when a customer makes specific demands of his supplier and is unable to resort to standard delivery programs or logistics. Magema listens to its customers and adapts accordingly.

In addition, the technical know-how of the company is a given on which customers can always rely.

In combination with competitive pricing, this has proven to be a winning formula in the past 35 years.Uw Specialist in Machines, Gereedschappen, Persoonlijke Beschermingsmiddelen en Magazijninrichtingen


  • A team of technical specialists since 1982
  • Fully autonomous, independent company
  • Specialised in technical services
  • Specialists for each division and product group, always the right contact person
  • Specialists in customised logistics
  • 14,000 square metres of office and warehouse space
  • 1,250 square metres of showroom
  • 30,000 articles in stock
  • Deliveries within 24 hours
  • In-house technical department, VCA-certified
  • Certified in accordance with ISO standard 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

MAGEMA B.V. is specialised in:

  • Hand tools
  • Tool-control tools
  • Power Tools
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Personal protective equipment:
  • Sanding and grinding tools
  • Welding and soldering tools
  • Painting tools
  • Measuring tools
  • Clamping tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Static warehouse fittings
  • Dynamic warehouse fittings
  • Workshop fittings
  • Container/shelter fittings
  • BMWT-inspections
  • Machine tools

Magema B.V. offers sophisticated logistics services. Due to its very large storage capacity and stocks based on dispatchable contracts for large key accounts, government, small and large-scale industries, and the shipping industry, goods can be delivered within 24 hours.

Magema B.V. has experience in several variants of on-line and electronic ordering and invoicing. (SPEC2000, Edifact, XML, EBF, Ariba)

Magema B.V. has its own climate-controlled area for checking, repairing and calibrating torque wrenches of all brands.

Magema B.V. has its own assembly, maintenance, repair and transport service department, as well as a BMWT-inspection department.

All our maintenance technicians are certified in VCA safety.