Policy based on ISO 26000
Magema gives an important place in its internal operations to corporate social responsibility. With this in mind, energy-saving choices are made and awareness among its employees is considered of great importance. Our policy is aimed at economic performance (profit), the social side (people) and ecological preconditions (planet). We try to pursue sustainable development in all our business decisions.

Magema recognises that its employees are the most important factor for the achievement of its objectives. We respect human rights and do not accept any form of harassment or discrimination based on race, age, gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability or country of origin. Not only our employees, but anyone who deals with Magema (such as customers, suppliers or visitors) must refrain from all forms of discrimination and must respect the human rights of others

We stand behind a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of conducting business. We ensure that our business has a minimal negative impact on people and the environment, while also considering our legitimate business needs. We strive for a friendly investment policy with the least possible consumption values.

Magema wants to maintain a balance between corporate social responsibility and economic justification. Magema is a healthy and financially independent organisation. However, we are well-aware that there are non-financial values that are also very important and valuable, such as service, a customer focus and certainly CSR, all of which are given high priority at Magema B.V.          

CO2 Performance ladder 
Magema endorses the objective of the CO2 performance ladder to conduct business in a CO2-conscious manner. The CO2 emissions of our vehicle fleet and the energy flows in our buildings are identified and mapped. Magema has an energy care plan in which our energy policy and the CO2 reduction objectives are laid down.