Magema B.V. offers a comprehensive range of respiratory protection products and systems.

These can be divided into the following categories:

  • Protection against dust, mist and/or smoke
  • Protection against gases and vapours

Dust masks are available in the following grades:

  • P1 (harmless particulates)
  • P2 (harmful particulates)
  • P3 (toxic particulates)


Vapour masks come in the following grades:

  • A (organic vapours > 65ºC) Brown
  • AX (organic vapours < 65ºC) Brown
  • B (inorganic gases and vapours) Grey
  • E (sulphur dioxide and acid gases) Yellow
  • K (ammonia) Green

In addition, so-called combination filters are possible.

Both types can be supplied as half or full-face masks.

Since Magema B.V. is not tied to one manufacturer, we can offer you a wide range of products.

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