Web Shop
Of course, Magema B.V. has a state-of-the-art web shop with all associated functionalities. However, for its key accounts, Magema B.V. goes further than its competitors: a customised shop, adapted to your specific needs and requirements. Customisation is not the exception but the norm. Worry-free and convenient ordering are paramount to us. Your organisation will be able to order and purchase our products without worries.
Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your company? Please contact us for a (non-binding) meeting.

Punch-Out Catalogue

A punch-out catalogue has many advantages for you as a customer. For example, the internal management of the catalogue and the responsibility for it lies entirely with the supplier. Magema takes its punch-out catalogue even a step further: a fully customised range, tailored to your organisation.

One example of this is the, OCI protocol, which stands for Open Catalogue Interface. Even if your organisation is not ready yet for a punch-out catalogue, Magema can support you. After all, the entire process is carried out in-house at Magema, without depending on external software consultancy.

Message Traffic

Magema B.V. is fully prepared for electronic ordering and invoicing of its customers and already has many years of experience with various variants of electronic message traffic. (SPEC2000, Edifact, XML, EBF, Ariba).

Magema B.V. has set up its computer systems in such a way that electronic orders can be directly added to the ordering process, without intervention.

The resulting invoices are also automatically processed, booked and, if desired, sent after electronic confirmation.

This fast and reliable form of ordering and invoicing provides a win-win situation for both Magema and its customers. It immediately results in substantial savings on administrative and personnel costs.

Apart from the aforementioned form of ordering and invoicing, we would also like to draw your attention to our web shop, which can also contribute to a simplified form of ordering. See Web Shop.
If you are interested and would like to know whether e-business can be applied to your company, please contact one of our specialists.