Torque Wrenches

As a tool specialist Magema B.V. has a special climate-controlled calibration area, equipped with certified calibration equipment.

Often, bolt and screw connections must be fastened with a prescribed torque. The torque wrench is an indispensable tool for this. Regular calibration ensures that you reach the proper tightening torque.

Magema B.V. can check and, if necessary, repair torque wrenches of any brand for you, and then calibrate them to certificate standards.

Warehouse racking

For years already, Magema B.V. has been certified to perform BMWT-inspections.

A BMWT-inspection is an obligatory annual inspection. During this inspection we check whether the existing racking systems meet national safety standards, profession health and safety objectives and NEN 5051 and NEN 5052 standards.

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