In the field of electronic ordering and invoicing, Magema B.V. fully up to speed with contemporary developments.

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) is one of these developments. Magema B.V. is making increasing use of it to get supplies to its customers.

A VMI system offers stock on location that is tailored to your use as a customer. As the name “Vendor-Managed Inventory” implies, Magema B.V. manages this stock.

It is the responsibility of Magema B.V. to keep track and, if necessary, deliver stock to replace items used. As a result, your logistics operations are reduced to a minimum.

In most cases, Magema B.V. offers the VMI system as a total solution. Our specialists in the field of warehouse fittings determine the most efficient solution for the customer. The articles are clearly labelled and well-organised in the system.

When articles are removed, this is tracked by means of a bar code scanner and a very easy-to-use interface.

All articles are fitted with bar codes upon delivery, so they can be registered via the same interface after they arrive. Of course, it is possible to generate a detailed report for your own records of each article coming in or going out.

The current stock can be consulted at any time to search for the desired product. Images are added to the article descriptions to simplify your search.
In addition to the digital stock list, you can print out a detailed list which can serve as a catalogue. This list, too, includes bar codes to simplify the interaction with the system.

With its clear images and article descriptions, the VMI system will contribute to an efficient logistical process at your warehouse. This will certainly reduce operational costs.
To switch to the VMI system, only a small investment is necessary. If desired, you can continue to use your existing warehouse locations. These are then fitted with bar codes by Magema when the VMI system is installed. The software for the VMI system will be provided by Magema B.V. free of charge.

If a stricter control of article issuance is necessary, the VMI system can be linked to our so-called “Vending Machines”. This fully automated distribution systems can be equipped with security access per cabinet, per tray or per specific location in a drawer.
Authorisation to remove a certain article can be assigned per user. Such systems are mainly used in situations where valuable articles are used. The system is used to avoid mistakes when articles are coming in or going out.

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